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I am so sorry to bug you but I need your help. Please, just take one moment?

I know it’s not the place to ask this but I am crying  my eyes out writing this. I’m 17 and my teeth have made my life a living hell. I can’t look in the mirror anymore. I hate how I look to the point I don’t even have the confidence to even leave the house anymore. They are the reason I have depression and why I get bullied in school everyday.

 All I want to do is go to my Debs, what you would call Prom, smiling but can’t because I feel disgusted and awful about my teeth. I saved up money to get them fixed before but it took over 8 years to do so and that was with money that my dad left me after he died but I had to give the money to my Mom because she needed it to pay for my grandfather’s funeral and she didn’t have enough money to cover the costs.

When I smile now I worry that I’m disgusting someone and close my mouth right away.

 I cannot afford it as I am a full-time secondary school student with no medical card or insurance and my mother is a single widowed parent. I have gone to two different orthodontist and even with the payment plan my mother and I would not be able to afford it. I have put together a fundraiser to try and raise the money as a last resort.

All I want to do is smile for one night in pictures with family & friends and have a night to feel beautiful for once.

Here is the link for the fundraiser on my page:

If you could re-blog it, it would mean the absolute world to me and would be a great help in making my dream come true.

If you don’t want to re-blog it, I completely understand and I really am so sorry for bugging you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


Of course ~ Keri